5 Great Ways to Promote Your Next Event

The Wild Ace Entertainment Team
August 4, 2022
5 Great Ways to Promote Your Next Event

August 4, 2022

Event professionals know that promoting your event is essential to its success. The more people who know about it, the more likely your guest list will be successful and your crowd will have a great time. But word of mouth can be difficult to come by for event pros—especially those working alone or with only a few volunteers. With so many details to keep track of and limited time to focus on promotion, most event pros haven’t found simple, foolproof ways of getting their audience excited about their next special event. And that means there’s a lot more room for improvement in how you promote your next one! The good news is that revamping your promotion strategies doesn’t require much investment or expertise. You already have the resources available to you—just look at all the things your staff already spends their time on: meeting attendees, courier services, food vendors, locations, marketing collateral preparation…the list goes on! So why not use those things as part of your promotional strategy? Here are five practical ways you can convince your staff to attend your event and help spread the word about it afterwards:

Include text about your event on your email signature!

When people receive an email from you, your event will be in the forefront of their minds. That’s because they’ll see text on your email signature line that reads: “Event at Your Venue! Join us for a night of celebration and entertainment as we welcome new clients.” The first impression is everything when it comes to online marketing, so make sure you use this opportunity to get your guests excited about the event.

Hang a poster in the lunchroom or other common staff gathering area!

Posters are a great way to advertise your event in a centralized area. Doing this within your office allows you to be mindful of where you put them and eliminates the need for an ongoing advertising campaign outside of the company. Be sure to choose a catchy and professional-looking design that will appeal to all ages, genders, and professions. When done well, posters will encourage your staff to get excited about your next event!

Use video to your advantage!

People who attend your event will be talking about it for days after. Make sure that the experience is as memorable for them and their friends as it is for you by encouraging feedback from the guests. A video is a great way to capture the imagination of your team. The video doesn’t have to be fancy—just show your event staff in action and even ask them to talk about something they love from the event! If you can help with the production, then that’ll make it more likely for your team members to engage with it. This will be a great way to promote future events because it reminds your staff how fun the past events were!

Unique promo codes.

Create a promo code for attendees. Give all your attendees a unique code that will be good for discounts for post-event activities. Don’t forget to provide instructions on how people can redeem their codes! They’ll appreciate the chance to save money at your next big event and will want to share their experience with others when they get back home.

Hire an expert entertainer from Wild Ace Entertainment!

After you book one of the expert entertainers from Wild Ace Entertainment, share the entertainers promotional video with your staff to get them excited for the big event! By having one of our entertainers at your party, a great time will surely be had by all. By the end of the event, your attendees will already be looking forward to the next one! 

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