Customization: Making Your Event Truly Yours

Written by Editorial Team

September 27, 2020

When planning an event of any size, you have a vision for how you want it to go. The look, the feel, the atmosphere. These things make events truly special and memorable, the type of gathering guests talk about for years to come.

One incredibly easy way to achieve this is to hire in an entertainment company that customizes their acts specifically to your theme, venue, color scheme, or message. Imagine having your vision come to life not only through food and décor, but also with amazing performances everywhere you look.



Here are a few unique ideas to help get your creative juices flowing:

  1. Make a Gala as Grand as Can Be

Beautiful sparkly showgirls welcome your guests into the hall, where a silt walker dances with guests on the floor. Aerialists dance above your heads, possibly even pouring champagne, and more showgirls pass out drinks and deserts from inside a moving table. There is something glittery to catch the eye all over the place, never leaving guests without a thing to say as they mingle happily.

  1. Fill an Outdoor Event with Lights and Wonder

LED light dancers and fire performers move to the music around the perimeter of your outdoor space, such as a backyard pool or street fair. A stilt walker, covered in lights, mingles and interacts with guests at the center. Imagination runs wild in a whimsical atmosphere of lights and laughter.

  1. Make an Intimate Gathering Feel Even More Personal

Consider here a private show of circus and close-up magic, where every seat is the best seat in the house. Hula hoops, contortion, and illusions right before your very eyes. It’s a bonding experience of wonder and excitement.

  1. Go Above and Beyond Theme Expectations

Think outside the box! Take a tropical theme, for example. Luau fire dancers and flower-clad, jungle contortionists blend with guests, but the true centerpiece is the real life mermaid in a gilded tank who interacts with guests. Everyone will want a photo here! And guests will feel like they truly escaped to a tropical oasis for a magical evening.  



At Wild Ace Entertainment in SWFL, customization is our specialty! We love to bring a unique flair to events throughout all of Florida! Contact us today and let us help you create the event of your dreams!

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