Driveway Circus CAMP 2020 is Here!

Written by Editorial Team

July 17, 2020

Driveway Circus CAMP 2020

2020 Summer Camp Cancled due to corona virus? No problem! We are here to help re-create the experience from the safety of your own home!

Welcome to the strangest summer ever.

We are in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. School ended early. Kids are bored out of their minds. Parents are on the edge of insanity. And to top it all off, summer camp is most likely canceled.

Wild Ace Entertainment in SWFL presents the Driveway Circus CAMP! A summer workshop delivered directly to your driveway for children and young adults, ages 7 to 14.

If your child has ever had dreams of running away with the circus, is a naturally creative person, or just enjoys thinking outside the box in clever new ways, this workshop is a perfect option to spark young minds to creativity and fun.

Circus skills develop both the body and the brain, as they get both moving in new ways. Coordination, quick problem solving, and balance are honed, all while sneakily getting physical exercise in a fun way. Circus offers the perfect mix of mind and body working together.

This is more then just a circus-skills summer camp that comes to you; it’s a life-skills course cleverly disguised as a circus workshop. The skills learned here will stick with your child forever!

Your kids will learn Juggling, Plate Spinning, Hula Hoops, Magic Tricks, and more

Each child will receive an official certificate of completion via e-mail

Wild Ace Entertainment is COVID-19 Safety Guidelines Certified.

Driveway Circus Summer CAMP is currently being offered all over the Southwest Florida area! From Fort Myers to Naples, and everywhere in between! To book your Driveway Circus CAMP, or to get pricing information, call (239) 985-5540.

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