Driveway Circus is Entertainment for New Social Distance Culture

Written by Editorial Team

June 3, 2020

As the world embraces social distancing, the basic human desire for entertainment does not go away. People still crave excitement, fun, and unique experiences. Enter… Driveway Circus!

Driveway Circus is the perfect solution for safe, socially distant, yet LIVE entertainment. Families can watch the show safely from the comfort of their porch or front door as the show is performed live at the end of their driveway, some 15+ feet away. World-class circus and magic skills are brought right to your home, allowing you the good times you crave while still keeping your loved ones safe.

Driveway Circus is great to give as a gift to send encouragement (think, “circus telegram”), a unique way to celebrate a birthday, graduation, or other special event, or even just a fun, special moment of family time to bring to your own home!

Similarly, companies may choose to hire a Driveway Circus show to come to their office. The show would be performed in a patch of parking lot or grass, and are a fantastic way to boost company morale and show appreciation for staff members. People who have fun at work are more likely to complete good work and stay with the company for longer.

Driveway Circus is a concept developed by George Gilbert and Brittany Sparkles, long time performer friends and colleagues.

George is a 15+ year magician, who’s shows
have wowedd audiences throughout USA, Canada, UK, and Europe through street shows, cabarets, and hosting.

Brittany is a graduate of the National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA) in Australia, and a veteran performer of traditional American circuses.

Together, they strive to bring joy and build community in their area via shows and classes.
The Driveway Circus show was created as a way to keep artists performing, even in the age of social distancing when almost all shows and gigs have been cancelled into the forseeable future.

In Southwest Florida, it is typically a 30-minute, 2-person variety show of circus and magic skills. Around the country
(and even around the world!), Driveway Shows are being performed in a similar manner. As people embrace the current social distance culture, Driveway Shows are quickly becoming the new “it” thing.

When you can’t (or don’t want to) go out, they bring the fun, excitement, and joy of a quality show straight to you! Although the show was developed as quarantine entertainment, the artists in Driveway Circus do not mention the virus or the challenging times at all during the show. It is meant to be a few minutes of fun,
it’s own little world, where families can focus simply on enjoying time together!

It’s an experience they can share and think of together for the rest of their lives.

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