Five Quick Tips for Hiring Entertainment

The Wild Ace Entertainment Team
June 3, 2020
Five Quick Tips for Hiring Entertainment

June 3, 2020

When it comes to special events, entertainment is essential — especially if you have large groups of people assembled in a convention center or a hotel’s function room for several hours. Having good entertainment for your event can greatly lighten the atmosphere and get the guests to loosen up between meetings and speeches.

The entertainer that you choose should suit the quality of your event and be able to charm your attendees. Take these five tips from us and use them to hire a HERO entertainer who will provide laughter and amusement, making certain that your event is unforgettable for everyone.

Hiring Entertainment TIP 1:

Look at their promotional material. A professional entertainer should have quality photos and footage that represent their act. Remember that this is how they choose to present themselves to the world. Do they appear clean, friendly, etc? Make sure you also have a look at their resume and credentials. By hiring an inexperienced entertainer, you run the risk of being embarrassed in front of your guests, partners, and clients. This can be avoided by making sure the entertainer you choose has a solid resume with solid references.

Hiring Entertainment TIP 2:

Talk on the phone. Do not just rely on e-mail. Get on the phone as soon as you can! This is a great way to make a good judgement of character. How your entertainer treats you is a good indicator of how he will treat your audience. Beware of any entertainer who spends more time bragging about their skill, abilities, or accomplishments than asking you questions about your specific needs or concerns. While on the phone, be sure to ask the performer if they are insured. Every professional entertainer should carry his/her own insurance policy and be able to additionally insure you or your company/organization.

Hiring Entertainment TIP 3:

Do not just look for the cheaper option When it comes to event planning, there’s a lot of places to pinch pennies. Entertainment isn’t one of them. Several years from now, your guests won’t remember whether they had chicken or steak, but they will definitely remember world class entertainment. Put your money where people will remember it and hire an entertainer that they will love. Remember – Hiring the cheapest entertainer could easily be your most expensive mistake.

Hiring Entertainment TIP 4:

Find an entertainer who customizes their act for your event specifically. You want the entertainment you hire to be congruent with your brand and you want your brand to be associated with good times. This is why it’s so important for the performer you choose to be able to customize their act specifically for your audience.

Hiring Entertainment TIP 5:

Hire a trusted entertainment company to do all of the leg work for you! Wild Ace only works with acts that have solid resumes and who have proven to be easy to work with, professional, clean, and friendly. We know entertainment! Leave it all to us to provide you entertainment that will make your special event a smashing success. Contact us today!

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