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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should i use an entertainment agency?

When you are searching for entertainment for your event, you want to know that you are getting the most value for your dollar, but also to rest easy knowing that you are getting quality professionals who actually know what they are doing. You do not want to be embarrassed by hiring in a sloppy amateur. When you hire Wild Ace Entertainment, you know you are hiring quality entertainers with many years of industry experience, and performers that will always be courteous, professional, and highly skilled. You can trust Wild Ace Entertainment to do the leg work for you, by choosing quality acts to astound your guests and helping you find the perfect entertainer specific to your event. We pride ourselves on customization. We will make your event one to remember.

Are the performers insured?

Yes, all of our artists hold Public Liability insurance policies that protect the client and venue. Per request, the artist will be able to get an additional insured certificated with the specific venue listed.

Why don’t I see any bands on your page?

At this time, Wild Ace Entertainment only specializes in circus, magic, and variety (or specialty) entertainment. By specializing this way, we can ensure our expertise and quality. With over 35 years of industry experience in specialty entertainment, we know what we are looking at and what an audience wants to see. It is specialty entertainment that truly brings a unique “wow factor” to an event! 

Can I choose which entertainers I want at my event?

Of course! You may absolutely request a specific entertainer, and we will do our best to get that one for you. However, their availability may not match the dates of your event. In that case, we will work with you to choose the most suitable entertainer. Every artist we represent maintains the quality and excellence that Wild Ace Entertainment is known for, and we will work with you and the artist chosen to ensure the highest success of your event.

Can you help me plan my event?

While we are not party planners, we can absolutely recommend a few excellent planners and have a few that we prefer. We would then work closely with both you and the planner to ensure every detail is to your liking and specifications. On our end, we can take a look at the vibe or theme or venue you desire and provide the perfect entertainment options that best suit, guaranteeing a hugely successful event.

Are there any hidden fees?

No. We customize packages for our clients and always offer all inclusive pricing. We strive to offer competitive yet professional rates.