Has Strategizing Your Spooky Soirée Got You Stressed? Why Not Summon A Wild Ace In The Hole?

The Wild Ace Entertainment Team
October 2, 2021
Has Strategizing Your Spooky Soirée Got You Stressed? Why Not Summon A Wild Ace In The Hole?

October 2, 2021

It’s here… it’s officially October, witches and warlocks! And you know what that means…time to start planning that annual Halloween hop! Those festivities of fright…and shindigs of sin! Halloween season may seem like a silly thing to celebrate for some, but to others, it’s the perfect time to let their proverbial monster out and everybody; has a favorite. Be it spooky ghosts, vexing vamps, wolfish werewolves, or gnarly ghouls, they’re all but guaranteed to be on the prowl as we approach “All Hallows’ Eve.”

But for those who’re really into the season, the fun begins once Autumn officially rolls in. We call them…scare-pros. Their decor and everything Halloween goes up once the leaves start to turn orange (okay, maybe we don’t get the dramatic color changing of leaves here in Florida), sometimes even before then. However, whether it takes until late October for your Halloween spirit to rise from its coffin, or if you’re a spooky season aficionado who breaks out the 12-ft skeleton on September 1st, you probably all have one thing in common…a universal, unquenchable, vampiric thirst for a truly epic Halloween party!

Unfortunately, the events of 2020 pretty much put the kibosh on almost all Halloween celebrations. Even for the real party animals out there, the risk of congregating masked, yet enmassed just wasn’t worth it. Nonetheless, as we’ve slowly begun to battle out of the pandemic, and more and more Americans partake in the vaccine, 2021 is setting up to finally see the triumphant return of proper seasonal festivities! However the more some things change, the more they stay the same. For example, if you weren’t a good party planner pre-pandemic, unless you’ve somehow in the middle of all this chaos found the time to take some serious crash courses, you’re probably even worse at it now.

It’s a tough gig, I know. Drinks and food are the easy part. The entertainment for the evening on the other hand? That’s a bit more complicated, and it’s usually where most people get hung up at. Nothing gets party guests growling for the exits like a band of angry zombies more than bad music, lame party games, or an entertainer who’s not very entertaining. And if that’s how your party is remembered, then good luck gathering the goblins for next years event. So if you’re a resident of Naples, Cape Coral, Fort Myers, or the greater Florida area and are looking for the proper entertainment to haunt the halls of your next Halloween party, you might want to leave it to the pros at Wild Ace Entertainment. And here are a few reasons why:


  • Shop Locally

If you need the right act, or talent to get your invitees up out of their chairs and howling at the moon, why not start your search close to home? From mystifying magicians Rafael and Mark Byrne, to cunning contortionist BendyKat, treat yourself to the abundance of Florida talent that populates our roster.


  • Wide Variety

Wild Ace has a vast array of performers and entertainers able to meet any, and every one of your festive needs! If you’ve chosen a certain ornamentation, shtick, or gimmick for your event, you’d be hard-pressed to find another entertainment house better-suited to make your dreams (or screams) come true!

  • Professional Staging and Safety Protocols

We always take the welfare of our clients very seriously, especially in times like these. During the process of constructing an environment for the big performance, as well as during, and after the show, our entertainers will make certain to follow all health and safety guidelines.

    • The Stuff Of Legend

    When you choose a WAE artist for your occasion, you should know that you aren’t gonna be in for a good time, but a great time! Not to brag (okay, maybe a little), but WAE curated parties are almost always talked about for days, weeks, and even months after they’ve ended. Our artists are that good! When you put Wild Ace in charge of programming your entertainment festivities, we guarantee you the fun will be plenteous, and a memorable evening will be had by all.


    Wild Ace Entertainment is a universal performance vendor. Meaning our ménage are equipped for everything from kids parties, to more adult-themed events. We have the experience and know-how to suggest which talent or talents, would be the best fit for your social gathering. With Halloween fast-approaching, you can’t go wrong with our resident mind reader Brendan Ware! If fantastic feats of freedom are more up your alley, give our legendary escape artist Dan Israel a try! If you prefer to give your party guests an experience more…set in stone, then our troop of living statue performers might fit the bill. And for those of you who like your scares in smaller doses, we also offer puppeteering and animatronics shows as well!


    Meanwhile, looking past fall and into winter, please consider us at Wild Ace Entertainment as your official amusement muse for this years holiday office party, corporate party, friendly or familial Christmas party, New Years Eve party, or any festive gatherings you might have planned this holiday season! Regardless of how you celebrate, our collective of uncanny creatives will make for the perfect showcase at your yuletide get-together. To select one of our troupe for a future engagement, please visit https://wildaceentertainment.com/. Fall is already upon us, so act fast to book your preferred act!

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