How to Throw an LED GLOW Party
How to Throw an LED GLOW Party

August 7, 2022

You’ve probably seen the ads on social media or your favorite website offering LED party ideas. But have you ever thought of throwing one? If not, it’s time to start planning your next celebration! You see, throwing an LED themed party is a lot of fun and there are endless possibilities. From a simple get-together with friends to an elaborate theme party for all the family and friends, there are numerous ways to go about it. There are even apps available that will help you create themes in no time, making your party even easier. To throw the best type of party possible, here’s some insider information on how to throw a successful LED themed party:


What is an LED Themed Party?

An LED-themed party is when you decorate your event (or just a party in general) with different colors of LEDs. It can be as simple as putting LED lights around the house/venue to more elaborate celebrations that include everything from decorating to food and refreshments. There are so many possibilities when it comes to throwing an LED themed party that it would take hours to go through each one of them! But here are some basic ones:

  • Hang festive garland around the house, Christmas tree, or any other areas where you want to add some extra sparkle. 
  • Use LED light strands to decorate your table centerpieces and lay out all the food items on a table with a beautiful backdrop. 
  • Hang colorful streamers and place red, green, or blue LED bulbs in each corner of the room for ambient lighting. 
  • Decorate your door with Christmas lights and put red, green, and blue LEDs inside for an extra festive touch!


What kind of Entertainment should I hire for an LED themed Party?

The entertainment should be appropriate for the age group of your guests. You don’t want to have a rave when your guests are still in elementary school. It’s also important that the entertainment fits the theme, which shouldn’t be difficult because there are so many options available when you book entertainment through Wild Ace Entertainment. If you’re hosting a party for kids, professional magicians will be a great option. For an adults-only party, try hiring a DJ with an LED light show on their equipment. Wild Ace Entertainment also has LED Stilt Walkers, LED Jugglers, LED Circus Hula Hoopers, and even contortionists in LED glow costumes to bring the “wow” factor! Regardless of who you hire for entertainment, make sure they have the necessary equipment to match your party theme. Additionally, consider hiring them if they have experience throwing themed parties themselves. To save time finding and vetting entertainers for an LED themed event, contact Wild Ace Entertainment– They will handle it all for you!

Why LED GLOW is a Fun Theme for a Party

LED GLOW is a fun theme for a party because it’s easy to decorate and the glow-in-the-dark aspect of the lights add an extra element of mystique. Think about how cool it would be if your walls were covered in black light reactive paint. It’s like magic! The LED GLOW theme allows you to create a party that’s really out of this world, which means you could have an extraterrestrial themed celebration or something else that’s completely unique. This theme also has endless possibilities when it comes to food choices. You can make everything from tacos and quesadillas to pizza and ice cream. All in all, LED GLOW is a great theme for any type of celebration because it’s easy to get into the spirit with it. It’ll be sure to impress your guests as they see your new party attire come together!

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