How to throw the best Christmas Party with Wild Ace Entertainment
How to throw the best Christmas Party with Wild Ace Entertainment

August 5, 2022

There’s no better feeling than throwing a fun, festive, and memorable party for your friends and family. And what’s the best way to make that happen? With a fantastic, festive holiday party with a variety of entertainment of course! From an attendee standpoint, they’ll be excited to see their favorite acts perform; after all there’s nothing like seeing a magician doing tricks right before their eyes or an aerialist serving champagne! Read on to learn more about how to throw the best Christmas party with Wild Ace Entertainment.

Hire a Variety of Entertainment

We highly recommend hiring a DJ or a musician for your Christmas event, but that’s not the only option. Music will add energy and excitement to your party, but you can make your event truly memorable with a variety of entertainment. For example, you could also hire acrobats that would offer an aerial elegance to your party, or you could even hire a magician who will perform amazing tricks for your guests! The possibilities are endless when you work with Wild Ace Entertainment to provide high quality variety entertainment for your Christmas party. 

Another great option is to hire an Aerial Artist. Aerial artists provide a great ambience and a touch of elegance to any Christmas party. Aerial artists have a unique ability to balance on any type of apparatus while spinning and moving in ways that make them seem like they’re weightless. And if you hire an aerial artist bartender, they’ll serve your guests drinks while performing incredible feats of balance and strength. Not only will this be a unique way to serve alcohol at your Christmas party, but it’s also incredibly fun! It’ll be a great way to make your guests feel comfortable and entertained, especially during the holidays!


Don’t forget the Christmas decorations! Setting a festive mood will put guests in the holiday spirit and make them excited for the festivities.Your decorations might include a tree, lights, garland, candy cane flags, and even some Christmas music playing in the background. You can even bring your decorations to life by hiring one of the strolling table performers from Wild Ace Entertainment- A perfect way to serve those Christmas cookies! (Yes, it’s a girl who’s dress is an actual table!)

Another fun way to make the performers part of your atmosphere and decorations is by hiring an LED performer! LED performers are artists who present amazing acts with light-up costumes and props that create intense displays.

Getting People to Attend Your Christmas Party

Obviously, one of the best ways to ensure that your event is a success is by getting people to attend. Here are some tips for getting the word out about your event: – Use social media to advertise. There are many ways to use social media, from popular platforms like Facebook and Instagram, to less mainstream ones like Snapchat. If you have a variety of social media channels, you can drive traffic in no time. – Don’t forget traditional advertising methods! Newsprint ads, bus advertisements, etc—all these work wonders for getting the word out about your party. You might not think they would be effective, but they’re surprisingly effective when used correctly. – Consider partnering with other organizations in your town or city who contribute to the holiday season. They might be able to help advertise for you and bring people into their venues as well as provide special experiences such as an opportunity for prizes or activities for kids at the party. – Prepare great food! Your guests will be expecting something delicious—and if there’s one thing that will get people talking about your party it’s good food! Last but certainly not least, you can always hire amazing performers from Wild Ace Entertainment and share their promotional videos on your all of your socials! This will build excitement, and your audience will look forward to seeing all of the incredible acts!


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