Life is a CIRCUS! Educational Workshop for Kids and Young Adults

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June 3, 2020

Life is a CIRCUS! Educational Workshops for Kids and Young Adults

Wild Ace Entertainment presents the Life if a CIRCUS! Workshop and Workshop Series for children andyoung adults, ages 8 to 14.

If your child has ever had dreams of running away with the circus, is a naturally creative person, or just enjoys thinking outside the box in clever new ways, this workshop is a perfect option to spark young minds to creativity and fun.

Circus skills develop both the body and the brain, as they get both moving in new ways. Coordination, quick problem solving, and balance are honed, all while sneakily getting physical exercise in a joyful way. Circus offers the perfect mix of mind and body working together.

The Life is a CIRCUS! Workshop can be held as either a one-time class or a series of classes over several weeks.

Skills that can be covered include:
Plate Spinning
Hula Hoops
Toothbrush Spinning
Card and Clown Magic
Basic Acrobatics (solo, partner, and group)
Aerial (venue permitting)
… And more!

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