Sci Fi

Customized Entertainment

Wild Ace Entertainment specializes in customizing entertainment to fit specific themes for events. Our goal is to bring your vision to life. Just let your imagination run wild!

We have the best entertainers for Sci Fi Themed Parties in Florida. Our Florida Entertainers include circus performers, hula hoop artists, jugglers, magicians, and other forms of variety entertainment.

Entertainment Ideas

Laser Light Show: Create an immersive experience with a mesmerizing laser light show that incorporates futuristic visuals and synchronized music. It’s a perfect way to kick off your sci-fi event with a bang.

Virtual Reality Stations: Set up virtual reality stations where guests can step into the future and explore virtual worlds. Provide a variety of sci-fi-themed experiences, from space exploration to futuristic cityscapes.

Cosplay Contest: Encourage attendees to dress up as their favorite sci-fi characters and host a cosplay contest. It’s a fantastic way to showcase creativity and immerse everyone in the spirit of the event.

Sci-Fi Movie Marathon: Create a designated area where guests can enjoy a marathon of classic and contemporary sci-fi movies. Display a large screen and provide comfortable seating for an out-of-this-world cinematic experience.

Robot Performers: Hire robot performers or animatronic characters to interact with guests. These futuristic creations can provide entertainment, pose for photos, and even showcase their dance moves.

Sci-Fi Trivia Challenge: Test your attendees’ sci-fi knowledge with a trivia challenge. Prepare a range of questions covering popular movies, TV shows, books, and scientific concepts. Offer prizes for the winners to add excitement.

Drone Racing: Organize a drone racing competition where participants pilot futuristic drones through an obstacle course. It’s a thrilling activity that combines technology, speed, and a touch of sci-fi flair.

Sci-Fi Author Panel: Invite renowned sci-fi authors to participate in a panel discussion or Q&A session. They can share insights into their creative process, discuss futuristic themes, and engage with fans of the genre.

Sci-Fi Escape Room: Create an immersive sci-fi-themed escape room experience. Participants can work together to solve puzzles, unravel mysteries, and complete missions within a futuristic setting.

Holographic Displays: Set up holographic displays showcasing futuristic imagery, 3D projections, or interactive virtual characters. These cutting-edge displays will captivate guests and transport them to a world of advanced technology.



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