Strolling vs Stage Entertainment

Written by Editorial Team

September 29, 2021


Imagine you’re at an event. Maybe it’s a bit awkward and you are only attending because you felt obligated. You try to break the ice, but you can only talk about the weather so many times with so many people. You aren’t sure how the rest of the evening is going to play out, but your expectations aren’t very high…

Then out of nowhere comes along one of our world class entertainers. Suddenly, you find yourself having fun, engaging conversations with the performer and everybody else in the area. The event that you felt obligated to attend turns out to be an amazing night you will remember for a long time. Now, you look forward to more of these events in the future

Strolling Entertainment allows for small groups of people to interact directly with the entertainer and with each other. Our performers will stroll throughout your event, mingle with your guests, making sure they always have something to talk about. Imagine one of our world class entertainers performing amazing, highly entertaining close-up magic or even jaw-dropping juggling routines to really bring the “wow” factor. This style of entertainment is ideal for cocktail parties, banquets, hospitality suites, receptions, and anywhere else where a stage show isn’t feasible or desired. It can also be done in conjunction with a stage performance


Another great option is having a 25-45 minute show after dinner that engages the ENTIRE room at once. Imagine any one of our world class entertainers working their magic and creating a memory that ensures yours guests will be talking about your event long after the activities end. The attendees won’t just feel like they are watching a show. They will feel like they are part of an experience, and at any moment the performer can bring them up on stage and do something wild and unexpected.

Our performers are all seasoned professionals who you may recognize from their numerous TV appearances. How about a magician from the Travel Channel or a Juggler who has appeared on Late Night with David Letterman? That will surely get your guests excited!


For smaller, private home parties, we are now bringing our stage shows directly to your house! Not only do we provide the entertainment but we can also set up a portable stage, sound, and lighting right in your front or back yard! It’s like bringing a little bit of Las Vegas directly to your home.. 

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