What Are Ambient Acts for Events?

Written by Editorial Team

September 15, 2020

For special events, the host may not want a full show or acts for entertainment, where guests would have to stop what they are doing to watch. But rather, they want something visually stimulating going on around them to fill the space and give their guests something special to talk about, and sometimes even interact with. This type of entertainment is known as “ambient” entertainment, or sometimes as installations.

Ambient acts can take many forms, from stilt walkers at a street fair to aerialists above your guests, possibly pouring champagne; from a contortionist on a table, to a beautiful showgirl IN a table topped with drinks or sweets for guests to enjoy (strolling table). The point of an ambient act is truly to create a unique environment for your event guests to remember.

Other ambient act ideas may be a magician doing close-up magic from table to table, a fire performer at an outdoor event, or a living statue greeting your guests as they enter. The possibilities are endless, and the imagination is wild!

Let Wild Ace Entertainment be your #1 source of special event entertainment in Southwest Florida. We can’t wait to create incredible, magical experiences with you!

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