What are Virtual Shows?

Written by Editorial Team

June 3, 2020

What Are Virtual Shows?

As social distancing regulations continue, the world turns to a new form of entertainment and
interactions—virtual shows. But what exactly are virtual shows?

Virtual Shows are performances that happen over the internet. They can be watched over a variety of streaming options, from Google Meet to Zoom, Skype, and Facebook Live. They can either be streamed live in real time, or pre-recorded and premiered on a determined time and date.

Different artists choose to ask for “ticket price” in a few different ways as well. While some artists offer fully free shows, many will do the show and then ask for tips or donations at the end that you may choose to send or not. If the show is booked privately, then artists will attach a set fee to the show that is to be paid prior to the event, much like any other entertainment booking.

One of the best features of a virtual show is that it is accessible from all over the world. One
performance can be viewed by people from many different countries at the same time. It is a beautiful way to bring the world together—or even just to bring together friends or colleagues from across town who cannot be in the same place at the same time. Whoever is watching will feel connected and part of the fun, with a shared experience to chat about after.

Virtual shows can be done for a variety of reasons as well. Public shows, or ones the artists perform and post on a public site, are generally a way for performing artists to keep working and continue to bring joy and fun to the world around them. For private shows, a family may choose to book one as a special treat for their child’s birthday, friends may book one as a way of “going out” together while staying in, or companies may book one for corporate morale boosting and team building.

The shows can easily be customized to the theme of your virtual event, and for companies, your brand, message, and theme can be both incorporated in to the performance and displayed on the screen at the same time.

Live virtual shows can even be an interactive experience! The artists can chat freely with the viewers and can even get the viewers involved in the show from their own chairs. Workshops with common house-hold items are a fun addition to any virtual show, where viewers can then learn their own circus and magic skills.

At Wild Ace Entertainment, our Virtual Tiki Variety Show is a not only your virtual trip to the tropics, it is also an interactive experience that will make you feel the breeze and smell the salt air from anywhere in the world, all while enjoying world-class magic and circus skills.

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