Why Hire a Comedian for Your Company Party?
Why Hire a Comedian for Your Company Party?

August 6, 2022

Whether you’re the company leader, or a new member of the team, corporate events are important for building camaraderie and fostering a culture of teamwork. The best way to accomplish this is by throwing team-building parties. There are several advantages of having a company party. These include making your staff members more open to new ideas and also creating an environment where employees can come together as a collective unit. To take advantage of these advantages, it’s essential that you find the right comedian for your company party. Hiring a comedian for your next company party is the perfect place to start on your path toward becoming a great event planner. They will help you create the perfect event for your team and they will have everyone talking about it once it’s over. Here are some reasons why you should hire a comedian for your next company party:

The benefits of hiring a comedian for your company party


#1: It’s a great way to build a sense of unity.

When you hire a comedian, they help to create and foster a sense of unity. When you have an event where everyone is laughing together, people feel closer to one another and this ultimately builds stronger bonds. A company party with a comedian will not only be fun- it will also be memorable! 


#2: Comedians are cheaper than therapists.

 Not only are comedians cheaper than therapists, but they can also help your employees get out of their funk when they’re feeling down. With all the stresses that come with the workplace, your employees might need some downtime away from their desks and that’s where a comedian comes in handy. 


#3: Comedians are good at bringing people together.

 Comedians know how to bring people together as well as how to make them happy after hours. They can make it easy for everyone in attendance to find common ground and get along like one big team. There would be little drama at your party if you hired a comedian because everyone would feel less competitive and more excited about the event!


#4: Comedy builds connection

Hiring a comedian for your company event can help you create a more interactive environment. By incorporating comedy into your activities, you’ll be able to build trust, unity, and team spirit. Everyone wants to laugh with someone, so by hiring a comedian for your company party, you’ll be creating an atmosphere where everyone can have fun and connect with each other.


The Best Comedians to Book for your Company Party

Finding a comedian for your next company party can be a daunting task. You need to make sure the act that you book knows how to work a crowd and engage your audience. You also want the comedian you hire to be a professional entertainer who knows how to make events successful. Luckily, the team at Wild Ace Entertainment is there to do all of the vetting and leg-work for you! Here are 4 highly recommended comedians from the WAE roster:

#1: Mark Evans

Mark Evans has been a professional touring comic since 1993. In that time, he has performed in almost every state (46), several countries, and a number of cruise ships. Starting out in comedy clubs, he soon expanded his audience base to the corporate world, country clubs, international resorts, casinos, large private communities and has been featured on Comedy Central TV.  In 2016 he decided to further define his legacy in the comedy industry by teaching aspiring comedians how to write and perform clean comedy.  Because of his reputation as a clean comedian, he was invited to film his DryBar Comedy Special in 2018.  Mark understands that you don’t have to use “adult humor” to entertain adults.

#2: Lori Evans

After a rewarding career as an elementary school teacher, Lori graduated from the classroom to the stage. Stand-up was a natural progression for her, as she realized that performing at a comedy club is not that different from standing in front of a room full of six-year-olds. She has taken 33 years of hilarious interactions with kids that made her “head explode” and is now making audiences explode with laughter. 

But thereʼs a lot more to Lori than just being a teacher. She is dangerously over-educated, having four college degrees, including a PhD, and was even a contestant on the TV game show, Jeopardy. (She did not win.) Since then, Lori has taken her smart brand of humor across the country and overseas, always to great reviews. So come on out and let her make YOUR head explode! 

#3: Larry Venturino

Larry Venturino is a stand-up comedian living in Florida but originally from Rhode Island. He burst onto the Southwest Florida comedy scene in his mid-30s. He had already been married and, of course, divorced. Then, he adopted two kids! He’s a middle-class white single father raising two Hispanic children doing his best impression of Diff’rent Strokes. All the while, Larry’s pushing two decades as a social worker. He’s seen the best and the absolute worst in people. When asked about reliving these experiences on stage through his comedy, Larry says, “This is therapy for a mind who has seen it all – triumph and failure, heroes and abusers, life and death.”

#4: RC Smith

RC Smith was known as one of the best “TV warm-up guys” in the business for almost 20 years in New York City and he has brought his talents and high energy to SW Florida where he now resides. A warm up comics job is to get people into a great, upbeat mood before the taping of a show just as a headliners job in a comedy club is to have the audience go home feeling that they have seen something quite funny and unique. RC delivers in both of those venues.

Whether its behind the camera, in front of it, on the radio or performing in front of a live crowd, RC possesses the unique ability to work with the audience and make every show special. He has the reputation for being one of the top “crowd work” guys in the business and his ability to improvise so effortlessly is fun to watch. He automatically connects with audiences of all ages and under any circumstance. His style is rapid-fire, relentless and non-stop. And he gets away with it because he’s so darn likable.

RC headlines around the country and Canada, hosts gala events, speaks at career seminars, and is a regular on a handful of radio station morning shows which is a true testament to his adaptability, likability and creativity.

RC’s influences are Don Rickles, Lenny Bruce, Gene Simmons and his father RC Smith Senior.

RC is available to raise the roof of comedy clubs, theaters, private parties, corporate events and Senior living communities. He’s even done three wakes, a half a dozen churches, two synagogues and several busses in his 29 year career.

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