Wild Ace Carries Momentous Momentum Into 2022
Wild Ace Carries Momentous Momentum Into 2022

January 11, 2022

Happy New Year everyone! While a few setbacks with the virus have left many of us with a somewhat precarious outlook on 2022, there’s still a strong belief that this will be the year we ‘finally,’ emerge from this awful pandemic. And for us here at Wild Ace, that’s a good thing. After all, we’re in the business of entertainment, and you can’t really ‘entertain,’ without an audience.

As COVID continues to subside, albeit it gradually, hopefully more and more of our fellow Floridians will feel comfortable returning to a normal routine. And for those of you who already have, your avidity is to be commended. Now if you’ve been keeping a watchful eye on proceedings, you probably know by now that 2021 was a big year for WAE. Not only were we able to keep good people in good spirits during a rocky time, but we markedly expanded our footprint in the industry!

In the last year we grew our talent pool by adding several new acts. And as for our current performers, they’ve added some slick new skills, and cool new components to their respective routines. As any good entertainment savant knows, the show must go on… even when no one’s looking. Show business is a craft, and any good practicioner of their craft, knows that you’re only as great as your last performance. The work, and dedication required never ends.

Our talent… present, and future… are always working to get better. To hone their current skills, and also give life to new ones. It’s an essential part of joining the Wild Ace family. We only work with entertainers who’re passionate about putting on the best shows… while growing their fanbase… as well as ours. Furthermore, even with current conditions limiting what we can do in some capacity, we’re certainly not about to let that put a damper on what’s to come.

Once things are inevitably back to normal, we’re gonna kick it up more than a few notches! By featuring intriguing new talent, and also debuting new facets and aspects of our legacy performers that you haven’t quite been introduced to yet. Wild Ace is not only looking at 2022… but beyond. Right now, we’re firmly locked into the position of Southwest Florida’s number one variety entertainment house. But we’ve got designs on solidifying that title, and ultimately shaping what it means to have it bestowed upon us in the first place.

Earning a top spot in any industry takes a ton of work, but holding onto that spot is just as hard; if not harder. We hope that your 2022 will be full of fun parties, functions, gatherings, and events. And we also hope that you’ll choose us here at Wild Ace to be a part of your friendly get-togethers, by providing you the type of high-energy entertainment you can’t get anywhere else. Stay awesome Southwest Florida!

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