Wild Ace Entertainment providing top-notch entertainment for Amavida Living

The Wild Ace Entertainment Team
August 20, 2022
Wild Ace Entertainment providing top-notch entertainment for Amavida Living

August 20, 2022

Comedy and Hypnotism at Amavida Living!

Amavida Living, a Florida assisted living facility, wanted to add some fun to their event calendar. They found just the thing in Wild Ace Entertainment’s roster of entertainers. During Amavida Livings’ “happy hour”,  Bob Lauver, a comedy hypnotist from Jacksonville entertained the audience and even hypnotized some of the staff! The residents loved it, laughing and cheering throughout the performance. Afterwards, they had nothing but good things to say about the show.

“It was great!! Everybody laughed a lot! I even volunteered as one of his hypnosis victims.,” said Carolyn, an administrator at Amavida Living.

(Comedy hypnotist Bob Lauver makes two audience members believe they are in a horse race)

Coming up at Amavida Living…

The residents and staff are now looking forward to the next show in Amavida Living’s series of live entertainment! A few of the performers and groups who are scheduled to entertain at future Amavida Living events are: The Robert Holifield Band, Science Fiction Magic with Logan Light, Comedy Duo Mark and Lori Evens, and Comedy Magician George Gilbert.

Keep an eye out for more upcoming news about Amavida Living’s new series of events. If you would like to learn more about Amavida Living, feel free to visit their website today!


More about Wild Ace Entertainment

Wild Ace Entertainment strives to provide top-notch entertainment for assisted living facilities throughout Florida. From fun and interactive events to musical performances, Wild Ace Entertainment has something to offer everyone.

Our goal is to bring joy and excitement to those who may not have many opportunities to get out and enjoy themselves. We believe that everyone deserves to have a good time, no matter their age or circumstances.

If you are looking for a way to brighten up your day or someone else’s, look no further than Wild Ace Entertainment. We would be happy to help make your next event a success!

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